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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> welcome to the news hour i'm in doha. who killed yasser arafat. there is an international probe after the scientists say he was almost certainly poisoned. >> odevidence of a massacre of e government is accused of killing civilians in the afte african republic. >> they rat raid the offices ofe
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broadcaster. and we have lift off. >> and going where no olympic torch has ever gone 3w-6. 3w-6 -- before. the sochi olympic flame blasts into space. details later in the program. ♪ of >> well it appears as they are demanding an international investigation after new evidence shows that their former leader yasser arafat was almost certainly pois poisoned of. >> the swiss scientists found pulonium 210, 18 tile 18 18 timr than normal. he was exhumed last year. >> first they found high amounts bleof blewflplunomiom poising p.
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they received the information from their lawyer. if i was a judge and jury this is stone stone cold certain. it was pe pulonium that caused e death of yasser arafat. >> for widow an daughter it's 100% proof. >> when they came with the results, i said again, you told me he just died. i will not stop. me and my daughter will go to all courts in all over the worlds to punish who did this crime. >> now that i have proof that he was poison i feel relieved,
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actually. >> the final close your for me will be knowing who killed him. and the motive and the ambition behind it. more than 40 years of research have given scientists knowledge of average levels of pulonium in human skeltons. what was found in arafat's ribs and hips was highest ever published of. >> everyone has a tiny amount of pulonium in their bones. >> the level of ble blew pul pu. is 1 times the normal a. >> the soil measured 18 times higher than earth not stained. it rules out contamination and it rules through dna testing the
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skeleton was arafats. on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being confident the data points to poisoning at level five. the poisoning was found last year. and including pulonium in the purest reactor form. >> they were lifted from the clothes he wore on his latest days. the latest bu latest came from . al jazeera has reresearchrelea e swiss teams results. there was a team from russia and a team in france. the french results remain a secret. as three french imagin magistras
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continue with the murder charge thethey now have evidence. perhaps mrs. arafat and her daughter will see suspects late to trial. and learn once and for all not what killed yasser arafat, but who. >> well i'm joined now in the studio by phil reese from al jazeera investigative unit. he is one of the people that broke the news that appears to offer proof that yasser arafat with extreme high probability murdered. now they are calling for an international probe, how would that come together? >> that is a very good question. the palestinians have for several years now asked for the investigatioinvestigative bodiet this. now there for in this sense.
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>> it's too much politics in other words. >> this investigation since the very beginning has been riddled and intrigue and poll politics. it's not the kill of one man. the reverberation of that murderer will affect the whole of the region. >> looking at the results that come back from the lab. is there a smoking gun or does this tell you who did it or with a high likelihood has a capability of d doing it. absolutely. not that is an ongoing investigation of our unit. that may well take some time. what we have done so far is trying to establish that there was pulonium in his body. these people didn't do a post postmortem on him. they found high levels 18 to 36 times of what a person would normally have is found in his bones. he was killed by pulonium
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poisoning. you can figure out did he administer it himself, not likely and there for you can junjudge who was a reasonable candidate. why wasn't it ordered by the authorities before. surely if someone dice with diea poisoning like that you surely would have known. >> this was 2004 of very few people had heard of pulonium then. until the alleged russian spy case that was killed in london if people didn't know about it of. >> if he was sick and something was going on. >> it was a mystery and we didn't know it. and isn't it staggering that an autopsy wasn't undertake ebb at that--under taken at the time ad
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a ongoing palestinian investigation did nothing over the years. >> we have plenty m mo more to talk about. we'll talk about that more in the coming days. >> you wil can see the full investigation, killing ai arafat will be broadcast on november 10th. you can read the full scientific report too on our website, al.coal jazeera got come. the coalition took control of the capital earlier this year. since then thousands of paymente have been killed and the president has admitted he can't control his own supporters.
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>> what we discovered in the western part. the allegations are not unheard of in your party o in your part. word -- world. you have been able to document a specific incident, that takes things a huge step forward. >> other human rights groups including ai am amnesty have bee country and it's hard to get out and investigate the human rights abuses against these humans. it was lawless and he would found it difficult as well. we managed to find out as you say security forces are targeting women and children. >> two of her children were murdered in front of her. she was shot in the back. she says she hasn't got the
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strength to look of a the three children who survived. all she can think about is 000 terrible night. >> everyone was sleeping except me. i was in the corner of the hut by the door. so they could shine the torch in the hut and started spraying bullets. i yelled i have a baby in my hand why are you shooting? and then he stopped shooting and everyone was dead. >> the 16-year-old girl was also there that night. she lost the lower part of letter will i go. th --leg. the hospital said 18 people died and the youngest victim just months old. the sources accompany us as we make our way there. witnesses say on the night of
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october 26th a local man brought selica soldiers to the hut. he told them anti-government rebels were hiding inside. there is clearest of what happened here. we have found spent casings and butts. and -- bullets. there is dried blood all over the ground and a dead puppy and a bullet embedded in the wall surrounded by blood of the stench of death here is overwhelming. there were 30 people crammed inside of this tiny shack. it's incredible anyone managed to sur0. sur-- sur0. sursurvive. there is a grave. we are told three victims were buried by their relatives. her husband showed us where he was hiding. he was helpless when his six-year-old son was killed.
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>> when he shot my boy i laid on the ground. i heard my would i have scream being and crying and broke down in tears and i was dove stated. >> the security forces in central african republic are out of control of they have doc documented excuses an excuse exs and documenting of children. when we arrived all of the big time bandits and the escapeees from prison dressed in uniform and said they were selac a. most people here say they won't find justice with what happened as longs the armed men committing those crimes are also responsible for law and order. it's an interesting interview. the president is saying he is not in control overtim over they
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forces, the question is who is then. >> it's ey ironic that the president says that. when he marched in march he brought with him sudanese for ar enforces and they are saul operating around the country. he cannot tell them now to leave the country and go home. he admitted to us he doesn't have any control over them. so the united nations in particular has aer i a serious e here and a decision to make. we know the forces here the central avenue can forces are -l african forces are going to be boosted by the e-o end of the y. the u.n u.n. has to decide if ty are going to send peacekeepers in the country. it's months on the coup and it's
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basically laws. lawless. some people don't pee speak the language. they are looting and raping and something needs to be done straight astraight away. they don't want to hear about another united nations resolution. they want to see action now. thank you very much. all right let's bring you some news coming into us now. we have a word that the military commander of congo's m-23 movement has surrendered and he is being held in u bega uganda n undisclosed location. >> this is all coming fromrouxrx aroux atcoming roy aall come rek
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drop of the forces from the u.n. of the the rebel group m 23 announced on tuesday it was ending it's military campain. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. greek riot police have raided the headquarters of the former state becomer. broadcast. >> the building has been occupied by the employees since the government shutdown the station that was back in june. john in athens. very fluid situation there, what is happening right now. >> the last couple o couple of e gathering protest behind mow has double in size to several hundred people. and it's expected to grow further this afternoon. the union, the employees of the
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public broadcaster has called for a rally for the pu public to come join them at 4:00 this afternoon. there is a complete police presence after coming in the morning through a side door breaking in thank you gates and at locks they took position of the building. >> it's unclear what they plan to do two it. they plan to hand it over to the now straight become frequency. they have been set up in over facilities to do what theyant to do. iat the moment there is standof. what sort of legality is there with the action that is going on and who has ordered it. >> the police have moved on the government's order to restore the legality and enforce the law. >> it says that the employees
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are occupying this building illegally. they set up a rival frequency a month later. at the moment the broadcast is sting to put oucontinuing to pul to 19 radio stakeses in the country. debt -- radio stations across the country. if that happens the incouple bend statincumbent signal keeps going out it. it was an order from the executive and the government. >> so it will remain for the parties to hammer out amongst themselves which act of parliament this action has been legally based upon. the point here though is to end with this. since the broadcaster went off the are air in june that is the first time we have had the
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government moving to stop the rival signal coming out at all. there will be in two days time one signal coming out. >> can you be sure of shell? amnesty international accuses them of lying about the damage and short changing people in the delta. >> and plus, w students are preparing for a toast tha test o important that they get a police escort to school. we'll have all the details coming up >> a deal to end the nuclear standoff between iran and the west is possible this woke.
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debt ceiling week iweek.thatbut thero over come. iran wants major sanctions that have devalued their currency in half over the past two years. they are looking at reaction from a tehran to scale back ther activities. >> let's turn over to simon mcgregor he is in begin naive havgeneva wherethe negotiationsg place. >> you have positive signals coming out of the international community. the p 5 and plus one. and the permanent members of the security council. >> we had a briefing from a seniored a minute administratiol last night. they were commenting about the
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first session that took place in the middle of the october. the iranian proposal was sub substantive and the talks are in detail and rather than political rhetoric. and there was co cautious optimistic. optimism. >> this official out lineline wt really what wa was being put one table this welcome to al-jazeera america, . this first step would freeze the nuclear program for as long as six months. we don't know what the details are. but it would buy time in the words of american official during which the grand bar gabe the big deal to sort out the nuclear problem for good would be negotiated. >> in this six month period if all goes well there would be light sanction relief. not the core architecture.
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but a lifting of some of the peripheral sanctions that would be reversible if the eye rain cracks weriraniansare found to . there is a possibility that that deal may be a achieved this we. >> sigh mob there is no question in my mind. we'll talk about this later. >> how is that being vowed there? >> well there is an air of optimism of course and has been since the presidency taken over from mahmou mahmoud there mass n very much development in a decade from a difficult level an
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technical level. >> he sent the foreign minister into these talks of course as the chief nuclear negotiating or. negotiator of there is a lot of optimism what the eyeye ryaniranians. if they are going to give iran something credible. that is what iran really wants. and a recognition of it's peaceful nuclear rights. all right. thanks so much. >> they are preparing to remove fuel rods from the puk fukushima powenuclear plant. >> removing the rod is the most dangerous job yet. >> reporters are around and joul
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ifltists have been given a tour. the process of removing the rods can be dangerous and could be disasterous if they do it wrong. wearing pr will protechtiv prot. we have know easy amongst and all source 'source of tension. >> it's normally safe, but making it a more delicate operation. each rod contains eye rai eye . and if heated it up it contribute to a nuclear reaction. the worst case scenario that would start a chain reaction putting greater oak yo at risk.
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>> the tokyo electric power company las no has not special n it will start the work, but it's expected to begin in the coming days. >> they spente spent search an . thousands of people have been unable to return to their homes. and in jewel this year they have seeed a mt. ihaded i added adms of contaminated water has been leaking. >> here is stow stef with the wr now. we are keeping a close eye on the super typhoon. if betake a look at the satellite picture we can see the huge area of cloud it's covering. this does have a well defined eye. it's an indication that this is
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a o.ed system and they a very powerful typhoon. it's working it's way toward the west and first of all it's going to slam into the philippines and then into the vet jump. the worst is going tjump -- it'a very intense storm and it's weakening a fraction. it's going to be very powerful and not only are we going to have a very, very large storm surge and very heavy rain as well. we could see up to 500 mill pleatermillimetres of rain froms system. it's going to make it's way west
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toward they ha vet nam ne vietna category two when it lands here. the students could be taking the most stress you will, am of theiexam oftheir lights. the roads are going to be opened late. >> this is not the entrance to a football match or a concert, o or the latest music sec sayings. it's a high school that have come to their friend wish theird luck. it's a highly pressurized system and it's not just students feeling it. they come to watch their mothers
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and daughters. >> if you glad wai graduate froe you are proud you majored in a specific field. >> attitudes are changing thanks in part to a government policy aimed the a encouraging students to look at other careers this state robotic high school in soul boasts that most of 90% of students are given yox jobs somewhere without having to go to university. they are encouraging people to going to the work force. >> the companies still employ people depending on their background. but they should be selecting them depending on their skills. the number of registerric regism takers is down by 30,00 30,000 s year. but it's too early to say it's a complete hand set.
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it's a private industry worth almost $20 billion. most high school students see further lessons until ten at in and out. more often not they realize the teams of parents who have the same opportunity. >> most parents are like that because they spend so much time and effort and money on their children for their education. >> the number of south cor kores entering university o university may be declining, but most students follow a well worn career path. of the hope is that they'll create shift in set to by choosing something different. now scum. still to come. policing the private lives of students. why turkey is sewing pro tested thaprotestthatshas both sectionn
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arms. these are the state police in mexico. people are crediting them with bringing down the levels that were sky rocketing a pe few mons ago. and the hid of foe fa meetsa meets the president of iran.
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going back to our stop story now. >> now scienc scientific evident seems to prove that yasser arafat was murdered. he would have heard from palestinian officals that want be a investigation. what is the word there well sammie on the street palestinians since 2004 when arafat passed away had widely held the belief that he did not die a natural death. the reports to the palestinians
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are not surprising now we wait to see what the pal palestinian authority wants to do. >> they are calling for an international independent credible investigation into the death of arafat. but the palestinian authority has yehas yet to make a public 9 ostatement on this report. in a half hour they will be promotinmeeting to discuss this. and we won't be hearing anything from the committee until they hold a meeting and disclose a swiss report and a russian report that was submitted to the palestinian authority on november 2nd. after that the palestinians will be awaiting what the palestinian authority may be doing. a credible international
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investigation into the in incidt sounds like the right steps to take after it's closed. one person from the plo we spoke to said after the investigation the palestinian authority could consider going to the national criminal court at the hague. and one person blamed israel for the death of arafat at the time that the israelis are the only ones that had the means and the motive to get rid of arafat. aamnesty international is accusing the oil giant shelf covering up the oil spilled in the delta. they have made false statements about clean ups. >> they row objec reject the a s that are baseless.
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let's fak take a look. 100 to 2,000 barrels of oil are stolen a day. the sabotage can be rejected to accept claims by local communities. one. worst disasters was in 1978. the people that are affected by this spill have launched a lawsuit in the uk. joined live by joan good to have you with us. if i could get you to respond to shell's response to am a am a as report. >> there is no way they can say the report is unu substantiated.
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>> we have documented a dozen specific cases where there have there been flaws in the investigations. the spill was called equipment failure in the field and shell changed it to sabotage after words. i domino why shell ising athey are unsu up unsubstantiated. they are trying to say they are no the in control of any problems that you might point at in the oil spill investigation process. is the oil fell investigation process is led by the oil companies them selves. they tell the regulators when it will take place they are highly city pend ant on th depend depel
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companies. and in 2011 they regula regulatt the mercy of the oil company when it came to site investigation. shell is in complete control of the investigative process and is in effect investigating itself. it's the party that will be like to be paying com compensation ad it's down to corrosion or equipment failure. >> you are pointing out problems with the way shell operates down there what are you calling on shell to do we need a far great other transparency around the oil spill investigation. now i should say that shell has gun tgun tobegun to publish the.
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and the investigation reports that shell has put on their website, shell admits to us that it does those after the field investigation and it won't release the signs. there is a lack of transparency around the experts. and the most important issues are video footage en clea and cr photographs to say assess whether it's credible. >> through verthank you very much-for-coming on the show. the mexican president is trying to show that he is making progress against violence. >> the local journalists are being ye censored and accuse the
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government of taking statistic. on patrol these police officers are heading to one of the most dangerous neighborhood in mexico. better equipped and better paid and more carefully vetted. they are a part of the now police force when those were in organized crime back then rival drug cartels battledded each other. up to 7 people a day were murdered here. it turned the city which was one of the safest in latin america to a place they are fear. they have the after math of a shoot-out from earlier this year he describes how they tossed glen naitings and lost powerful men to them. >> nobody wanted to leave their house it was so unself. >> these days the gun rates is half of h what it was two years
5:39 am
ago. there were little over 400 mess and now the number has grown to 300-0500. >> the government has said there is a long way to go. >> like this mother who prays she will jua one dacey her daugr again. >> four months ago she went missing. >> selshe was a 20-year-old modl and said she was going to the movies, but she never came home. >> it's not true that we have got through the worst because otheotherwise this wouldn't be g happening to me. morning my daughter imy daughtee are others. many shops and businesses remain closed in this downtown neighborhood where criminal gangs are known to extorts the r the owners.
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it's too other t early to declae victory. >> for the men it's is a challenge that they gladly welcome and they hope that these streets will soon return to being one of the safest in the country. it's the most anticipated stock market listing since facebook went public last year. microblogging site twister is expected to raise $1.8 billion that is a lot of money for a company that is th not even prot
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profitable. >> let's look at th twitter the world of finance is measured in many ways. revenues and earning and profits are very popular. and in this case twist othe twis valued $1 billion which mines it's worth 44 times it's rove new. revenue. lets look at face block and it's only 22 tile 22 22 times it's r. imagine going to the bank and you say i want a loan fleece. p. >> but twist over raised $1.8 billion. when you think of google they have been valued the four to seven times their revenue. and look at the profit and loss. we see that twitter has made a
5:42 am
loss of $134 million yet it's got a substantial evaluation. and on facebook it's worth, sorry had the profit o of one billion dollars. and the investors are looking at this and the use ers that they are using. 1 pn1.1 for face took. if 2weu9er continues to grow the same as facebook it will get to that number in the next two or three years. >> what are they trying to do with alt o all of money they ra? >> that is a good question. what they tent to do is alled being a u hire. they are looking for employees that are work being with other companies and they will buy the whole company. and that is the first thing we'll do. that is what is there had in.
5:43 am
they are interested in finding companies that cab help putted a vertputadvertise -789s on. on the air. >> he is responding to neighborhood complaints about male and female university students living so closelying to. we have a report from istanbul. this is the statement that left turkses arcing whether the society is going forward or backyard. >> in wilbackyard -- backyard. >> there are serious complaints about th boys and girls sharinge same flat. >> they have given the green light to segregate private
5:44 am
dorms. they were all with their democratic healthcare. some turks agrow. any turkish family will oppose their daughter and isn't lively upped the r506 of someone of thg under soughthey wantto limit ouy want to work us into their definition. >> students pr do he had dee dee minister's actions demanding the authorities stay out of their personal affairs. >> this cd i crowd is chanting i would will row sis. turkey's giant government is angry.
5:45 am
the prime minister was criticized for ordering a heavy crackdown on nation wide pro tests. >> he is now involved with the security search and rescue quiteses in closing down the mixed r communit speunltd stay . >> i am very angry about this ban. >> i can't except it. bother not in a row laying ship. it's about friend them and studding. but the reaction from young turks that previously fowl r forth --previously----supported. why does he have to involve himself in hi private lives. >> even if young hurricane.
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the marvel comics attempt to draw in now readers we will talk to a man who invented 99 super hey rows. hey -heros. and find out how our tennis season just got better.
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>> welcome back. marvel comics is set is to release a new series featuring a muslim female super hero. he shoshe makes her debut earlyt
5:48 am
year. she reflects the growing guy diversity of it's readers. >> it's to create a story for all of of those little girls out there that don't see a version of themselves. particularly in pop culture and in entertainment. that is where they are looking of the her no they are not lookn the news. >> she can grow roli bi roli bi. she have have a type t of opporo shape shift of the he created the 99 that is a them of super hheros. he joins us from kuwait city. good to have you with us. >> are you welcoming this step by marvel.
5:49 am
>> absolutely. it's a step in the right direction. do you think the us is ready for a super hero. >> who is the target? the rcht rch i think the way to think about it when you get a vaccine you get a bit of something and your body row acted and you get stronger. having ditch super heros from different maces shocks popular culture to have hem. zplrchlt not just the woman in the u.s. it targets the islam im phob oh, s. phobes. you are getting no conservative at the throw here. te at thataterritory here.
5:50 am
>> i don't think there is away to cater to everybody. the other day if people like it or not. the world is a diverse place and weaver all part of one growing culture. and some people don't like that idea, but it is what it is. and to have that int i ini hav. >> it can show people it's better tomorrow than today. >> i think by taking that step and creating and all terntiv ane
5:51 am
universe. he. arsenal have moved to to the top of group f and a 1-nil win at last season's finalist. the it's the first time that the english team has won. they call the only goal of the game in just after an hour. napoli pet beat beat marsaille . en whe would were less under pressure and it's a huge win here. >> yes you are right it's a very
5:52 am
stroke group. stroke -- strong group. the best news this evening is if hwewin the next two games we get into the next round. >> it's not easy but it's possible. >> to bar barcelona. mill ac millian and they scored twice and milan stayed sec in sn the group. >> he has played a a phenomenal game. showed quickness and a good one-to-one game and he is one of the few players in the world that people have to be wary of. three days latis later he can ma revolution. a 4-1 win against austria. they scored twice for chill so.a and they were dropped from the
5:53 am
game for missing the first team's training session on monday. >> that is in the story. it keeps makes mistakes. and fathers have to be deliver iclever inthe way they educate . if you wanted to play he wanted to play. he is sad because he didn't play. we weren't without him. and saturday, he is black. back. and so no story. oh end of story. argentina has reached the semifinal of the copa americana. >> they would be 3-1 away. gonzales' flick was their first goal in be. >> also through to the last four
5:54 am
goals through columbian side. a 3-2 victory. the mixed owe bon opponents wile paraguay or another columbian side. >> they have met eye rain yawn president iran. they improved football at all levels in the country they have qualified for the dpowfortd world cup in bra still. >> it's it is four of the world tour finalseon wednesday on wed. >> nadal returns from a seven month injury layoff in february and goes on to win the french and u.s. open.
5:55 am
base that makes me qualify for the semifinals and at the same time, i here number one it's like doing the whole year is not worries me much. but it's better fob number one than number two. he has the officers end of the season. he won three straight sets. and he takes on tha nadal on thj fed irer will trhe zach randolfy way through the game due to the burt irrelevanbirth of his son. the grizzlies went on to lose 80
5:56 am
to 84. it's new orleans first win on the road. to the nhl where the new york rangers caught five goals for 9 second time this season ending the pittsburgh penguins four game winning streak. mcdonald and stepan scored late in the first. the company is continue netted his first and he is rushing from a broken thumb. think got irfirs the first goale season in 5-1 victory. the first round of the australian pg amount on tha on d coast. he got an uppe 8 8 under par 63. >> adam scott is one of three players who is two shots behind. >> and they only managed ten
5:57 am
rounds in the first innings -679d his penultimate test match. he has an unbeaten century in the first test against the wait westindies. they are on 354 for six and leads 120. the sochi flame has blasted off no space of they have taken theo much btorch be the torch will be returned to earth after five days in orbit. >> this is no more on our site check out >> more is coming up straight
5:58 am
ahead. don't go too far. determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise
5:59 am
this, because i mean, there's
6:00 am
this climb has been balanced, a crime of killing an elected leader. >> the widow of jaser arafat reacting to new proof. the smoking gun? a powerful radioactive poison discovered in his remains. a possible break through as new talks get underway with iran. there are reports the u.s. may be willing to ease crippling sanctions if iran agrees to temporarily halt its nuclear program. thousands are evacuated in the feel peenz as the strongest


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